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Introduction Limutai

Limutai Scenic Spot is a National Geological Park and National Forest Park with running ridges and peaks inside. There are more than 80 mountains, and the main mountain Mount Limutai has an elevation of 997m. With steep canyons, beautiful and secluded forests, running pools and waterfalls, and twining wisteria, it is called “Shennongjia in Tianjin” and “Northern Tropical Rain Forest” by experts and scholars. The Archaean rocks about 2.6-3.5 billion years ago naturally form geological wonders such as Qiancengyanhualing, Dengtianfeng, Mount Wuzhi and Wanjuantianshu, etc. The Great Wall built by the Northern Qi Dynasty 1,400 years ago is still winding and zigzagging, presenting a splendid sight. Smart rivers, dancing green trees, fresh air and magnificent rock paintings in Limutai can make you lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.

Welcome to the legendary Limutai to enjoy the landscape painting beyond the noisy world.

Have you ever breathe the pure air of one hundred years ago?

The thick primitive forest in the scenic spot originates from the tertiary period of Cenozoic 70 million years ago. Limutai is famous as “Shennongjia in Tianjin” and “Northern Tropical Rain Forest” for the mysterious primitive secondary forest ecosystem.

Over 90% of the scenic spot is covered by forest boasting pure air one hundred years ago. Tourists will feel refreshed and intoxicated in the air with abundant natural negative oxygen ion, so the forest is famous as a natural oxygen chamber and promised land.


Murmuring Streams

Bring the child to the paradise of valuable and rare animals and plants where he can learn to take care of small lives…

The well-preserved primitive forest ecosystem of Limutai Scenic Spot has raised thousands of rare and endangered species such as Juglans mandshurica, Carpinus turczaninowii and wild Chinese gooseberry, as well as hundreds of precious Chinese herbs. The wild rhododendron rare to find in North China is also unique scenery in Limutai. Rare wild animals including the loach of the Arctic Ocean, Huajiangluo of the Antarctica and the endangered species of the tropics and subtropics blue-tailed skink can also be found here.

The Top of Mount Limutai Seen at the Distance

With the advantageous position, Limutai is clear and smart on every ordinary morning…

With the only flowing water landscape in Ji County, Limutai Scenic Spot has hundreds of naturally formed pools, ponds and waterfalls, large or small, high or low, dynamic or tranquil, producing fickle musical tones of the scenic spot dotted in the secluded mountains and forests, such as the beautiful Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, Fairy Bathing Pool, Taiping Pool and Jiangjun Pool, etc. Every landscape has its tales and charm. Huanglapeng Waterfall looks like a piece of flying white silk, and Jiuzhai Waterfall hangs in the sky like a silver curtain. You will feel refreshed and intoxicated here, and enjoy yourself so much as to forget to leave.

Shengui Stone

Male Lion Lying on the Slope

Put the memory of Limutai on the bedside for aftertaste

Limutai is just like the “Story of the Stone” engraved by the time, every page of which is legendary and unforgettable. The Archaean “longevous rocks” formed about 2.6-3.5 billion years ago, “Wanjuantianshu” recording the 1.8 billion years’ crustal movement, “Fenglinyanhualing” elaborately carved by the nature, and the “stone sea” concealing the mystery of the pilferage of treasures in Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty… It is an ideal destination where you can make exploration into the secret area, and restore the pureness of your heart.

Misted Ancient Great Wall

Everyone has a hero dream yet to be initiated…

The relics of the Ancient Great Wall built in the Northern Qi Dynasty with a history of more than 1,400 years zigzag for more than 5,600m in the Limutai Scenic Spot. The Great Wall was built on the 500m-900m tall ridge along the mountain, undulating and steep. All the walls were built with rubble, and some walls are still well preserved, narrating its vicissitudes. After mounting on the Great Wall in Limutai, you can look into the rivers and mountains in the distance, recalling the shining spears and armored horses in the past, and exclaiming how brave you are…You will surly obtain different exploration experience.

Limutai in Autumn

There are numerous stories about Limutai.

Integrating rich historic stories and fairy tales, the scenic spot was enclosed as the imperial garden one hundred years ago with the one-hundred-year-old pear tree benefiting the masses. There are also many sad and moving stories about General Stone, Mother and Son Stone and Dengtianfeng books, leaving endless imagination and memory for tourists.

Welcome to the legendary Limutai to enjoy the picturesque landscape, explore into the fantastic world and start your ingenious trip… You can experience your preexistent agreement!